Running Batch Issue Windows 7 – “Security Warning – Do you want to open this file?”

If you’re reading this you know what you are looking for…

** Thanks Pavel!

So even if you disable the UAC completly when running batch files windows will prompt you if you wish to run the file

So here are your basic options
1. Right click the Batch files and select Run As Administrator
2. Create a shortcut, modifigy the properties to run as administrator
3. Here is an interesting one you can use

If, you currently get the message “Security Warning – Do you want to open this file?”, then you can ignore the above and run the following command:

ICACLS "yyy" /Setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)M

Where yyy is replaced with the path of the batch file producing the error message.
On my system (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit), the command has to be re-executed every 8 hours or it will expire, so I have the command in a batch file which is executed Daily every 8 hours by a Task Scheduler task.

You might ask why do I need this??? well I don’t know bu enjoy

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