Google Analytics Search Terms For My Sites

Sometime I like to follow Google Analytics to see how people reach my sites.
And funny enough it seems that I write some posts to about something specific that seem to have resolved issues with other search terms.

Here are the search terms that get on the spot

vbscript change ip address
vbscript passing arguments 
get directory path of an executing batch file 
net user rename 

And the list will go on for this an my other sites….
Here is a great example of a search term that pointed to a post I wrote about DIM in vbscript

vbscript name redifined error 

I wrote my thoughts about DIMing in a script and in my example I showed a redfined error without thinking about it.
Now it just gave me another POST to write about.

Bottom line, if you use analytics check you search terms leading to your site.

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