Android Development Book – Recommendation

Android Development Book – Recommendation
When I started developing it was for fun, most of my development was not really development but programming.
What’s the difference between development and programing? that’s a whole new story.
Back to programing, most of what I’ve done was for fun (with the exception of VB scripting for customers and work) with PHP and C# and mostly on my websites.
With my move from WM to RIM and then to iPhone I thought let’s pick up Cocoa but I was not willing to vest major $$$ on a Mac that will not help me in the real world.
So Android was the right way and my new HTC Aria is amazing but we are getting off topic here.
I wanted to start playing around with Android SDK and build my own simple apps so I looked around for some books and this one is by far the best one I’ve found.
It takes you through the “Fast Trak” of Android developmetn and it’s written in a fun and simple language and it’s one of the best development books I’ve read.

Well the book is called – Hello, Android: Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform, 3rd Edition
And can be picked up for around $25 “+” or “-” just google the name.
Check out his blog –,_Android.jpg?w=640

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